Dr.Cheryl Kinney
Center for Female Health and Hormone Disorders

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Office Hours: Monday-Friday  9:00-5:00

Office Phone: 972-566-8878

Office Fax: 972-566-8858

24-Hour Answering Service: 972-566-8112

Email: info@drcherylkinney.com

Office Location:

7777 Forest Lane B-443

Dallas, Texas 75230



Practice focus: Gynecology

female health and wellness,                   

menopause, hormone disorders,                                       

endometriosis, pelvic surgery,

vulvar diseases, birth control,

sexual health & dysfunction

Dr. Kinney would like you to know that she and her office staff consider it a privilege to take care of our patients and we are here to put you at ease, and address your concerns.